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Devonshire Square, EC2

Our new open plan office space in Devonshire Square put ourselves in the dual role of client and main contractor. Having surveyed our colleagues to understand what they would like in a new workspace and how much space we needed, we were able to focus our search in a specific location. Once we’d found the right space, work began to make it Open.

Open plan office space
6 weeks

How do you create a space fit for people who spend their time creating great spaces? Employ a great designer and engage a fantastic team of tried and tested sub-contractors and suppliers. ”

Dan Keith, Design Director – Open

The open plan office

We worked closely with our designers to make sure we optimised the space in our new office. The office was stripped out before work started to re-instate a meeting room with a new, crittall style partition wall, and create a new kitchen area and locker wall. For the new open plan office we made use of existing M&E and re-used the lights from our former office. The space was then decorated and new carpet laid before the furniture was installed.

Our open plan office now benefits from bench desking that makes collaborative working even easier. There are breakout spaces that we can use for informal meetings or lunch, while soft seating with sound-absorbing panels overhead provides the perfect place for making calls. This mix of hot-desking, breakout areas, soft seating and meeting spaces means we can choose where and how we want to work.

The redesigned printer/post room hub and Storewall storage system help us stay organised and our clear desk policy means we have a fresh, clean working environment every day. Combined with the abundance of natural light that we enjoy being on the fourth floor, and the great views out across Devonshire Square, we’re delighted with our new open plan office.

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