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Celebrating International Women's Day


Today, 8th March 2021 is International Women’s Day and we’re marking the occasion by featuring the women in construction who create spaces for people as part of the Open team. We’ve been finding out what they enjoy most about their roles, what they’ve found challenging and have learned from that, and what advice they would give to other women considering a career in this industry. So from sales and marketing to projects and accounting,  here’s what they had to say…

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So who are the women in construction who make spaces work at Open

While completing my BSc Business Management degree I worked in the property sector and after I graduated, this role at Open came along as an exciting opportunity to start working as a marketer and to become a woman working in construction. Now I help Open achieve its strategic objectives by coordinating various marketing strategies – the re-branding campaign that we launched in 2019 was a real success.

Working in a competitive environment that constantly pushes me to learn new marketing trends – especially in digital marketing which is a very diverse field – to be creative and to combine these trends with data analysis, in order to help the business be present on social media and make an impact. This is what I really enjoy doing.

I have learned a lot about our business by visiting our project sites. In the beginning, it was a bit challenging to do that, as it’s still a male-dominated environment. However, our amazing team was always very supportive and helpful, which gave me a lot of confidence. To any woman who wishes a career in construction I’d recommend being open to fast-paced learning!


I have been a Project Manager for Open since 2018.  My career background has always been within the property sector and around 15 years ago whilst working for a high-end Interior Design firm I took on a more involved role in the delivery of residential and commercial installation projects. What I love about my work is the variety, as no day is ever the same.

A Project Manager’s role is all about challenges, so it’s hard to pick just one. Each project is different, and with that, your experience becomes wider.  It is important to maintain an open mind and never be afraid to ask about things you don’t yet know.

With such a huge array of roles within the Construction Industry, there really is something for everybody. It’s about finding an environment that utilises your own unique skill set, but is definitely place for women in construction.


I am the Office Administrator having joined Open at the start of 2020. I was previously the head receptionist for Michael J Lonsdale.

I like that my day can be varied with lots of ad hoc activities. No day is the same and we have a wonderful working environment with a newly refurbished office space. Like any job, we must prioritise tasks and at times we can feel overwhelmed. I overcame this challenge by having a super supportive team of colleagues who are very knowledgeable and willing to help. If in doubt, ask!

A study published in October 2019 tells us that only 12.5% of women work in construction in the UK. It is no surprise that we may sometimes feel outnumbered by our male co-workers. My advice would be to not let this intimidate you. We are living in changeable times – more and more women are choosing careers in construction. Do not let the imbalance prevent you from trying something new.

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My career in finance started six years ago with a real passion for business after I graduated in Economic Management. Once my responsibilities increased and I gained a better understanding of accounting, I studied Accounting and Financial Management too. I love the responsibility and stability this role offers, no matter where you live or how the economy is doing, there will always be a need for accountants!

Having to work from home in these difficult times was a real challenge given the fact that we moved to a new, cloud-based accounting system at the beginning of this financial year. Constant learning and online training definitely helped me overcome this challenge.

I believe that women can work anywhere, especially in construction. Whether you are a man or a woman, once you do what you love you will deliver your best!


My background is HR – my previous role as Director of People & Place was for an environmental charity. I joined Open three years ago to help the Director (who is also my husband) achieve his ambitious and exciting plans for growing the business. I enjoy the fact that I get to work with a great team of people in a fabulous office space.

Introducing new ways of working so we could become more flexible and grow as a business was probably my greatest challenge. As always, the key to any change process is clear communication and leading by example. What have I learned? That people can and do enjoy change once they see the benefits. And to any woman entering in construction I would say – just be yourself, trust your instincts and enjoy what you do!


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