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Keeping everyone safe at work

Gabriela Moglan, Marketing Coordinator

As we start returning to work in our office, we’ve made some changes for keeping everyone safe and COVID19 secure.

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Our own office space was designed to accommodate our growing team with an open plan layout that includes hot-desks and breakout space. In response to the pandemic we, like everyone else, have had to change the way we use our space with the focus now on keeping everyone safe at work.

Social distancing using a hot-desk system? It is possible.

Before COVID19 we encouraged people to use any of the desks available – now we’re asking people to use the same desks and seats if possible. We’re still storing our belongings in our lockers at the end of the day, leaving the desks tidy and ready for their daily clean. We’ve also reduced the number of desks available so there is more space and people can easily follow the social distance guidelines.

Signage and sanitisation stations

Clear signage is a practice that we are very familiar with so we’ve simply added a range of ‘COVID19’ signage to our library. With everything from social distancing stickers, one-way systems to reminders about keeping hands washed and surfaces clean – these are displayed everywhere from the building entrance to our office space. As well as handwashing facilities we also have plenty of ‘sanitisation stations’ in and around the building.

One-way systems

Our office building management team implemented a ‘one-way’ system so we use the lift for going up and the stairs for going down, with plenty of signage to remind everyone to maintain a social distance too.

Meeting rooms re-purposed

Our meeting room capacity has been reduced so only two members of the team can use it at a time. Similarly, this space can be also be used as office space, through a pre-booked system, if people would prefer to work in their own space.

Different ways to travel between sites

Our main sites are in London so while some prefer to walk between the site and the office, others bring their bikes in or rent the city bikes. Where necessary people are driving or taking a black cab. Others are using the buses, trains and even bikes making sure they’re wearing their masks at all times.

These simple changes have made our team feel as safe in the office as they do on-site. And when we don’t need to be somewhere in person, we can easily work from home as our systems all work seamlessly no matter where we are. So, having adjusted to this ‘new normal’ we’re enjoying being back, creating spaces that work for people.

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