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The differences between Cat A and Cat A+ schemes


If you’re a developer you might be already familiar with the industry’s terms for categorisation of refurbishment and fit-out works, particularly Cat A and Cat B. But a term and project type we’re becoming more and more familiar with these days is the ‘in-between’ option of Cat A+. For those who are perhaps new into this industry or those who just have an interest, we’ve started a series of brief articles meant to decode the jargon for you.


Cat A and Cat A+ schemes showcasing industrial style finishes of an interior space and tea points, in London, benefiting both the tenants and landlords.

Developers define Cat A refurbishment in different ways, depending on the type of works needed in order to bring the space to its original, open-plan state after a tenancy ends. The idea of Cat A work is to make the space marketable as a ‘blank canvas’ ready for a new tenant to come in and add their own fit-out scheme. Traditionally a Cat A scheme might include suspended ceilings and raised floors, internal finishes and basic mechanical and electrical (M&E) services set to an open-plan layout effectively creating a ‘white box’ ready for the tenants own fit-out.

Often in today’s market landlords want to include more elaborate finishes, feature floors and lighting with exposed services that create a more an industrial style look and feel resulting in a more stylish and inviting space for the incoming tenants’ design scheme. Our Forbury Court project is a great example of this.

Led and wall signs and exposed M&E systems.

More recently incoming tenants are looking for landlords to go one step further, and this is where Cat A+ also known as ‘ready to work’ schemes are introduced. This latest shift can be defined as the bridge between Cat A and Cat B project, as once the Cat A+ refurbishment is complete, there are often only minor fit-out works left for the tenant to personalise their space and move in.

As a traditional lease models continue to be challenged by the co-working and serviced office market a Cat A+ finish represents a competitive option for prospective tenants. Cat A+ schemes often include:

  • feature decorations and finishes
  • fitted kitchens with appliances
  • reception space
  • ‘plug & play’ services
  • wellbeing areas (break-out space, showers, cycle storage, sometimes even a gym or outdoor terrace)

Take a look at our Cat A+ schemes at Salisbury House and Fitzrovia.

A refurbishment project including the reception area for office relocation, decorated with feature wall and pendant retro lights and crittal style glazed partitions for space optimisation. in Westminster City

Cat A+ attracts tenants as it can reduce their up-front costs and decreases the occupancy rates. It's no wonder this concept has increased by 25% in only two years, according to Construction News Online.”

Contemporary break out area in Salisbury House.

In today’s competitive rental market, Cat A+ schemes can be really exciting, well thought out and designed schemes in their own right offering both landlord and tenant the perfect solution.

So, if you’re a landlord, building surveyor or tenant, we can work with you to define what you need a space do, then carefully design, plan and deliver the project to the highest possible standards – whether that’s Cat A or A+.

Why not talk to us about how we can create a space that works for you?


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